Sustainable Development

Gravita Metals is growing Lead Manufacturing Company engaged in producing Pure Lead, Lead Alloys and Lead products in environment friendly Lead recycling Plant

  • Gravita Metals is a leading manufacturer of Pure Lead and Lead based specialty alloys. Gravita Metals produces world class products at competitive prices; delivered in-time to meet the continuously growing demands of its customers. Gravita Metals has a fully integrated manufacturing facility at Jammu, India with a team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced manpower.

    The company is engaged its Manufacturing of Pure Lead and all kind of Lead Alloys like Antimonial Lead Alloy, Calcium, Selenium, Copper, Tin, Arsenic Lead Alloy etc.

    We Produce Pure Lead with the Purity Level of 99.97% as per customer specifications.

    In order to make the best quality lead available and to conserve the limited and depleting natural resources of lead metal to protect the environment. At Gravita Metals we are doing Lead Recycling through various sources of Lead Scrap (Battery Scrap, Lead Battery Plate Scrap, Concentrates etc.)

    New materials and technologies are being continuously developed at KM to provide the customers with WORLD Class products globally. We have fully equipped in-house laboratory for testing chemical, metallurgical and electro-magnetic properties of the materials. These are supported by an experienced team of dedicated engineers and chemists.

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Gravita Metals, a subsidiary of Gravita India Ltd.- The Leading Lead manufacturing company in India & having global opertions.

We represent global Leaders in Secondary Lead Smelting Solution Providers, provides Technology and Solutions for Secondary Lead Smelting, Lead Refining, Lead Alloying and Lead Oxides Manufacturing & Processing.

Gravita Metals follows process which have environment friendly and take care of motherly earth, water & air. The process are designed to meet the environment norms & occupational health standards.