Sustainable Development

Gravita Metals is growing Lead Manufacturing Company engaged in producing Pure Lead, Lead Alloys and Lead products in environment friendly Lead recycling Plant

About Us

    Gravita Metals is a leading manufacturer of Pure Lead and Lead Alloys. Gravita Metals boasts state-of-art manufacturing facility producing superior quality of Lead and Lead Alloys at most competitive prices to cater to diverse & continuous changing needs of its customers.

    Gravita Metals has been investing heavily in product development and process innovation to create its leading position in the field of Refined Lead Alloy.

    Gravita Metals manufacturing unit possesses a fully integrated production infrastructure starting from procurement of Scrap Batteries & Lead Scraps, Smelting, Refining to final packaging stage; lead by a highly qualified team of engineers, supervisors and operators. With its vision to become the ‘Best in Class’, the quality control and R&D team at Gravita Metals ensures that products and processes meet the best standards of the industry.

    Gravita Metals provides all its clients with an efficient logistic support to ensure in-time delivery of their ordered products and services.


    Gravita Metals is ensuring the highest quality of our products, we have put in practice stringent QMS. Besides process control, quality plans are used for testing at incoming, in-process and finished material stages using sophisticated equipment. All critical process parameters are controlled using SPC tools and all processes are set using FEMA to ensure high quality of products.

    New materials and technologies are being continuously developed at KM to provide the customers with WORLD Class products globally. We have fully equipped in-house laboratory for testing chemical, metallurgical and electro-magnetic properties of the materials. These are supported by an experienced team of dedicated engineers and chemists.

    Gravita Metals Quality Policy

    a) Delighting the customers by exceeding their expectations and ensuring that the product supplied meets the requirement of the customer or its intended application.

    b) Continuous improvement of product/process/system through establishment and review of Quality Objectives.

    c) Empowerment at all levels and to create awareness of the business scenario to all employees for better synergy.

    d) Adherence to all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

    e) Improved efficiency through TQM concepts i.e. 5-S, Do It right at First Time, Zero Defect Concept, monitoring OEM (Overall Effectiveness of Machine) and Time Study to keep our product at most nominal prices across the world.