Sustainable Development

Gravita Metals is growing Lead Manufacturing Company engaged in producing Pure Lead, Lead Alloys and Lead products in environment friendly Lead recycling Plant

Pure Lead

  • Pure Lead Ingot is being produced from Raw Lead Bullion / Remelted and Secondary Lead Ingots / Lead Scraps though Pyrometallurgical process. Our Refining Process, producing Pure Lead Ingots with a minimum purity level of 99.97% by weight but achieves purity level of 99.985% in most of cases.

    Our Plant is having three Refining Kettle / Pots with capacity of 30 MT, 16 MT & 10 MT each. Our Automatic Ingot Casting Machine cast 10 MT per hour and ensures Dross-free & smooth top surface of each ingots and almost similar weight of each ingot separately.

    The typical composition of Refined Lead / Pure Lead

    Elements Symbol  Composition in %
    Antimony Sb 0.001 (max)
    Arsenic As 0.001 (max)
    Tin Sn 0.001 (max)
    Copper Cu 0.001 (max)
    Bismuth Bi 0.025 (max)
    Iron Fe 0.001 (max)
    Nickel Ni 0.001 (max)
    Silver Ag 0.003 (max)
    Zinc> Zn 0.001 (max)
    Calcium Ca 0.0005 (max)
    Sulphur S 0.0005 (max)
    Aluminum Al 0.0005 (max)
    Selenium Se 0.0005 (max)
    Cadmium Cd 0.0005 (max)
    Tellurium Te 0.0010 (max)
    Lead Pb 99.970 (min)

    We have state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Ethiopia that bears out ecological norms rigorously. In our contemporary facility we carry-out Recycling of Lead Acid Battery Scrap and Smelting of Lead Concentrate to produce Lead Ingots & Polypropylene Chips/Granules.