Sustainable Development

Gravita Metals is growing Lead Manufacturing Company engaged in producing Pure Lead, Lead Alloys and Lead products in environment friendly Lead recycling Plant

Lead Refining
  • Gravita’s Refining Plant uses pyrometallurgical process for Lead Refining and produces Lead with a minimum purity level of 99.97%. Company supply Refining Kettle Furnaces of various capacities ranging from 5-100 tonnes per batch, accompanied by high efficiency natural gas / LPG burners / furnace oil burners, equipped with preheating arrangements. Emissions are controlled by a flexible kettle hood, with series of Pollution Control Equipments chained with Wet Scrubber, attached to an Induced Draft Fan along with a chimney/stack arrangement.

    Enclosure Hooding - Refining Kettle Emissions Control
    ompany also provides additional equipment for automatic dross removal. On demand, Gravita also supplies range of special fluxes designed to reduce dross formation and increase process efficiency. The refining unit complement is completed by the automatic Lead ingot-casting machine (with Lead-Pump) having a production capacity of up to 10-20 MT/hr. Refining unit package is optimally configured for high throughput with good emission control, as proven by the existing installations in

    Ingot Casting
    This machine is chain conveyor machine where casting mould are fitted on chain. Speed of this machine is slow or may vary as per capacity with a calculated train of drive system. The hot metal after completing process of refining / alloying is pumped through Lead Pump at regulated speed to the pouring trough of Casting Machine through launder. The pouring system is so designed that it fills the moving moulds up to a desired weight 22 – 25 Kg. Mould without any spatter of molten lead on the machine of ground. A series of water-cooling & then force air-cooling is provided in the machine to solidify the ingot till it reaches at the other end. One hammering system is also provided to release ingot out of the moulds and further transfer to stacking area.