Sustainable Development

Gravita Metals is growing Lead Manufacturing Company engaged in producing Pure Lead, Lead Alloys and Lead products in environment friendly Lead recycling Plant

Battery Crushing
  • In this section, Batteries are segmented into Lead bearing material and outer shells. We provide the option of either using the hydraulic shearing battery cutting machine or the continuous roller conveyor blade saw battery cutting machine. We design, fabricate and install shearing and cutting machines which can continuously operate at capacities of 1 ton/ hr. to 5 tons/ hr, with low downtime and maintenance requirements.

    Plastic Recovery Section: The outer Battery Shells are received and processed in this section into polypropylene chips/granules. The shells are crushed in a polypropylene crusher and the resulting polypropylene chips are either washed and stored, or further processed into polypropylene granules using an extruder machine. We design, fabricate, supply and commission crushers with crushing capacities up to 0.5 ton/hr. For further conversion of polypropylene chips to granules/pellets, we provide and install continuous hot caustic washing systems, plastic batch mixers, dryers and extruders with capacities of up to 0.5 ton/hr along with granule cutter machines.